HTC blandt de 100 stærkeste brands i verden

Overstående 3 bogstaver sat sammen på den måde, er nu at finde på top 100 over de bedste brands i verden.

Rikke Hansen fra HTC skriver at HTC er det “yngste” brand, og samtidig det første fra Taiwan eller Kina. Det er Interbrand der har sat HTC på listen, og de udtaler (på engelsk) at grunden er som følger:


A rising star in the mobile devices segment, and a new entry to our Top 100 Best Global Brands, HTC surpassed Nokia to become the third-largest smartphone maker in the world in market value, placing it only behind Apple and Samsung. Starting as an orignial equipment manufacturer (OEM), HTC has rapidly gained consumer traction at a global level earning it the title of the 2011 Device Manufacturer of the Year by the GSMA at the Mobile World Congress in February. HTC’s tagline, Quietly Brilliant, is a core value for the brand, one that is demonstrated in its brand voice. Since the company has only just begun to talk to the market, its communications are well organized globally, relying on a minimal but highly memorable style. Although a fast-growing company, HTC’s consumer awareness is low, which is expected given it only recently shifted from an OEM strategy, so its social media strategy is of key importance to the brand. Its custom-built social networking sites on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter and constant updates demonstrate its commitment to engage its customers and build loyalty. Additionally, its August partnerships with “Beats by Dr. Dre” should continue to raise the brand’s profile, especially among a younger audience.


 Vi siger tillykke til HTC herfra.

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