Smartwatch moto 360 redder liv


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En historie om en mand i USA som har en Moto 360 Smartwatch der bliver involveret i et bil uheld hans mobil bliver væk og han er fastklemt kan ikke finde sin mobil men kommer i tanke om at han har uret på hvor der er en dialer i som han bruger til at kontakte Myndighederne hvorefter han besvimer, myndighederne bruger så hans ur/mobil til at finde hans umiddelbare location og kontakter så den lokale sherif om at køre ud for at finde ham og han bliver reddet der efter :)

Denne historie er ikke bekræftet af nogle myndigheder endnu men kun af personen selv

Jeg tænkte at i skulle have historien under alle omstændigheder her på Appandroid ;-)

Ukendt sagde:
I got the 360 mostly on a whim because it was new and cool and reviews seemed pretty positive. About 3 weeks ago I was in a terrible car accident. I had a blow out on a back road and I was in a ditch wrapped around a tree before I could even think of what was going on. I was knocked out but came too somewhat and started looking frantically for my phone to call help. It was nowhere to be found and I was pinned in so I was pretty sure I was actually going to die before help found me. Right about when I'd given I remembered that I had my watch on and that it had a dialer on it that I had used to show off the watch a bit. I didn't know where my phone was but it said that it was still connected and so I used it to dial 911 and subsequently passed out. Most of it is a blur after that for about a week. I lost a lot of blood and it was touch and go for a while but when I was finally up and alert I asked how they found me. 911 said they had a call from my phone with no response so they used the phone to get a general area and had county Sheriffs look for me. I truly believe that this little gadget that I bout on a lark saved my life.