Docking til min Sgs3. i Otterbox commuter case ??


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ok so i have my Sgs3 in a otterbox commuter case.
and i would like a dock for it.

so does eny one know what fits ?

im thinking that there migh tbe a dock for another phone that will fit.
that has about the same thikness.

eny ideers ?

and no im good at builidng stuff my self.


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Not sure if you would prefer a danish or english response considering the topic is in danish but your text is in english :).

But I think you are stuck in one spot with Otterbox, I would suggest trying to make your down dock/stand for it, and then attach the MicroUSB wire to the bottom. As I am not awaer of any docks at present that can actually handle a SGS3 with a massive case/cover on it.


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tak og undskyld.
havde lige været på et engelsk forum.

og ja jeg har nu fået en def. mobil/gps holder til en bil.
som jeg vil modificere. men havde håbet der lige var en der vidste om der virkede.