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Beam projector

Og endnu et i mit optik spændende android crowdfunding projekt

det er en projector som du kan skrue i en fatning på en lampe o)

mere om det her <a href="https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/beamlabsinc/beam-the-smart-projector-that-fits-in-any-light-so" />Beam Kilde link</a>

kickstarter sagde:
With Beam you can watch TV on your bedroom ceiling, play games using your phone or a Bluetooth controller, project recipes on your kitchen counter, stream content from your network drive, listen to music through its speakers, play projected board-games on your dining table, show a presentation or even use it in a restaurant to show the menu and turn the walls into digital paintings.
ja tak o))

<u>Jeg kan se uendeligt mange muligheder med denne stykke android teknologi</u>